What to Look for When Buying Real Estate in Roseburg


What to look for when you start your home search. Step one: find an experienced Real Estate Agent in your area. Nothing will get you into the house you’re looking for faster. What should you look for when your searching for homes? After selling homes for years we can say there are several key factors to look for before submitting an offer on a property.

When looking at homes, checking on the condition of the roof is very important. Your home inspector will catch a questionable roof, but it’s important to make an initial assessment when you visit the home. Of course, it doesn’t mean we dismiss the home, but rather keep the roof in mind when making an offer. Second, take a look at the condition of the siding. Is the paint oxidized, peeling or does it look freshly painted? Next, is the yard big enough for your needs? Is there too much yard maintenance or too little? Is there ample parking for your cars, your RV, maybe a boat?

When looking inside the home you should check the windows, are they a newer double pane or old single pane? Windows can fluctuate your heating and cooling costs and are considered an important upgrade. Look at the flooring, is it worn or in good condition? Has any updating been done to the interior? How new is the water heater and HVAC system?

There are often two opinions here; buy a house that needs some updating to ensure that you can quickly gain some equity by updating, or alternatively, buy a house that’s turn-key and rely on your local real estate market to build equity.

Searching for a home can be an emotional roller coaster ride and a daunting process, and that’s where your experienced Realtor comes into play. Let them do the searching and filtering, they can sift through everything on the market and help you narrow down a property that fits your needs.